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Guiding Principles | BUSKLAW PLC

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Guiding Principles


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  • I specialize in the legal analysis, negotiation, and documentation of information technology acquisitions and select corporate commercial transactions.
  • I will consult and collaborate with you to protect your interests and minimize the legal risks in accomplishing your business objectives.
  • I will draft your contracts in legally-binding “Plain English.” I’ve seen good lawyers draft contracts that are burdened by archaic legal jargon. This often creates ambiguity in what the parties intended. Good legal writing is an art, and I take pride in using clear and concise plain language.
  • My negotiation technique is “win-win.” I avoid burning bridges with the opposite side. I believe that any contract can be promptly negotiated in good faith between reasonable persons with common business objectives.
  • Law is an evolving profession. I strive to improve my professional knowledge through continuing legal education.
  • My Commitment: If I can’t add value to your proposed deal from a legal perspective, I will tell you  – so that you may make other arrangements. Our relationship must be mutually rewarding.